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The Largest CRM Companies In The World, And What They Do

Depending on what integrations are needed, there may be plug-ins or add-ons available already to users of the tool. For CRM tools, the most foundational functionality is that of collecting and organizing contact information. At the very least, it needs to be a step up from simply dumping leads into a spreadsheet only to immediately be forgotten.

top crm providers

With so many CRMs on the market, we took a look at more than a dozen of the most popular services, all taking into account how these systems would work for small businesses in particular. We took a close look at cost and features, as well as third-party integrations, company reputation, customer reviews, mobile app compatibility, and more. Using these standards, we narrowed our list down to the 7 best options for small business owners. Zoho CRM software streamlines your personnel and processes by bringing your sales, marketing, and customer support activities together. Zoho’s customer relationship management platform has some of the best features in the market, including a simple and easy-to-use user interface, AI, and high security.

What are the differences between ERP, CRM software and marketing automation?


Despite being the only CRM provider on this list not to offer a marketing product, Zendesk makes up for it with affordable, effective solutions for sales and service teams. ‘Sell’ starts from just $19 per user, per month, while ‘Support’ – Zendesk’s product for service teams – is available at the mouth-wateringly low price point of $5 per user, per month. At $8 per user per month, the ‘Basic’ plan offers an app for both iOS and Android, as well as 5GB of storage and whiteboard collaboration. We’d recommend at least going for’s ‘Standard’ plan, though.

Real-time notifications happen when customers engage with your business. You get analytics on the best ways and times to reach out to leads. There’s also an AI-powered sales assistant, which also powers a chatbot tool. Aside from sales, you can use it as a help desk software for customers. We’ve carefully chosen the best customer relationship management tools & systems.

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Most popular CRM vendors offer free trials as a hands-on way to get to know their products. Try as many as you can to develop a good understanding of their capabilities and how they compare to one another, and don’t hesitate to ask questions. Be sure to read a variety of user reviews about each CRM you’re considering. Look for patterns in their comments to learn their pain points and standout features from people who use them every day.

top crm providers

The K+Team offering provides lead acquisition and relationship management features that help drive business. Pipedrive supports sales professionals in managing every phase of the sales process, from lead generation to customer contact. Forecasting enables sales reps to close more deals, and visual pipelines clarify what stage a lead is in and what action is required. Users can simplify and streamline tasks with automation and AI capabilities. It offers integrations and an open API, so companies can plug in third-party apps to further extend its capabilities.

Best for Customization

Several CRM providers offer mobile access for smartphones and tablets, allowing sales teams and managers to keep tabs on their activities, goals, and tasks when they’re away from their desks. This feature is especially helpful for field sales reps who don’t want to sacrifice productivity when they’re on the road. In most cases, medium-to-large-sized businesses need one of the top two license structures — Enterprise or Unlimited — to get the features they require. Features in the higher-priced license models include workflow automation, pipeline and forecast management, sales insight capabilities and 24/7 customer support. A CRM solution isn’t a magic cure-all for companies that have problems due to their own dysfunctional business processes or poor corporate hygiene. Your team likely works from smartphones or tablets, therefore the type and cost of the CRM mobile app could be important for your business.

  • Siebel CRM supports marketing, sales, service and other key areas of customer interaction via a suite of more than 35 products.
  • Advanced analytics models can identify potential issues, clean duplicate data, look for incomplete data in other systems or suggest actions to update potentially stale data in the CRM system.
  • Zoho CRM is part of a larger platform that includes HR, accounting, operations, and more, placing it in a similar bracket to NetSuite.
  • There’s a reason car dealerships allow test drives—it’s the same reason many CRM vendors offer free trials.
  • A CRM is rich with features that speed up your sales cycle and help you define your sales process.
  • Not all CRM solutions fit all business needs, however, so it’s important to survey the landscape and try newer entrants, such as Capsule CRM or Zendesk Sell .

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Salesforce (Best customer relationship management software for sales teams)

And just like in contacts, all social activities will display in the record. Companies that need lots of customization options in their CRM app will want to consider Salesforce Sales Cloud. Between its own customization options and both the internal ecosystem and third-party AppExchange, the possibilities for creating a bespoke platform are nearly endless. E-signature software facilitates and automates signing processes, improving document management while securing them. Gartner forecasts that by 2021, CRM will be the single largest revenue area of spending on enterprise software.

HubSpot’s minimum seat requirements may keep its upper-tier plans out of reach for smaller businesses. HubSpot has one of the best libraries of primarily free integrations, with over 1,000 popular software applications. Some automated activities, like bot sessions, are restricted with each plan and may require you to purchase added sessions each month. You’re limited in the number of open deals you can have running through your sales pipelines.

What are CRM Software market leaders?

Configure, Price, Quote A sales tool that can be integrated into a CRM solution or included as a module, CPQ facilitates the B2B selling process. It provides a product catalog, quote management and price controls to shorten the sales cycle, streamline processes, reduce errors and more. Streamlining and improving the customer’s relationship with your organization is the first and foremost concern of CRM platforms. From lead generation capabilities that target the perfect clients to sophisticated ticketing and support services, customer relationship management systems have you covered.

The Largest CRM Companies In The World, And What They Do

Statistics suggest around 91% of businesses with over 11 employees use a CRM system to manage their deals, marketing, and customer service tickets with greater ease, speed, and efficiency. Nimble is web-based forex crm and works inside web browsers or other software. You get all your engagement across multiple channels in one unified history. There’s standard sales process management to see all your open opportunities.

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